The main difference between being a Hindu and belonging to some other religion is basically being proud of you being one of them.
A Muslim may not be aware of what Quran teachings are or a Christian cares about what Bible tells. The same holds good with the majority of Hindus too. But what separates them is the sense of “belonging” to their religion, a sense of “Nationalism”, a “tribal” sense of identity, being proud to proclaim as a “Muslim or Christian”.
Deep inside them, they know quite well that they are not devout to the teachings of ISLAM or CHRISTIANITY/ Bible or Quran, their holy scriptures!!! But still they will fight till death to preserve their identity.
This is more strong in Islam because of the congregational nature of their religious practice/tradition, which most of the Muslims do without fail, and seem it as their sacred duty. This makes them feel as a group with commonality and common responsibility to save, preserve, propagate, expand and fight for the Tribe!
This was strong in Christianity before the Industrial Revolution and Renaissance, but as progress in science and scientific thinking liberated their brains from tribal instincts, they got alienated from church slowly. This diminished their sense of belonging to their religion.

But DHARMIC traditions were never devoid of scientific thinking or you can say they were free thinkers from times immemorial and were never driven by Tribalistic basic instincts from beginning. So their DNA never consisted this sense of “belonging” to something so basic as “human instinct”. They always strived to get liberated from these basic “animal instincts”….. Keeping the society at it’s best, civilisationally and intellectually, but open to newer knowledge, inorder to help themselves in their pursuit of various ways to attain highest “Consciousness”.

And in this “Obsession”, they got deviated and were over run by other ideologies, got destroyed, got disillusioned, lost their pride as well as knowledge…… And today they are a “confused” Lot!!!!
A Rennaissanse is a must to jolt them out of their slumber, A “Eleventh AVATAR” to guide them through again!!!!



I want to give my perspective on this:
Intelligence of the brain varies from species to species! Apart from this every living being has been provided with unique senses which help them survive, by the nature. Science says that life has developed mechanisms to sustain in it’s varied form and naturalists and spiritualists say nature or God has bestowed it. It doesn’t matter what it is, but every perspective acknowledges this fact.
It was in the so called higher IQ species is reasoning and utilization of available forms of matter for survival is seen but with observable reduction of few natural instincts from the lower species…
Him sapiens are by far the most advanced/highest in the heirarchy and his brain powers are far superior in these faculties of reasoning, questioning, believing, rationalizing, conceptualizing and thus derived of many subtle powers. He was capable of getting answers to all his natural needs and intelligence based queries!
And this gave rise to the concept of God! And in his pursuit of answers to all the self generated questions of his brain, he settled for an erstwhile socially consensual theory/belief/faith etc etc. And here stops the seeking nature of his intellect. Because now he puts all his questions on the ‘Almighty God’ and justifies his actions and beliefs in relation to the dogmatic belief system he belongs to, PERIOD!!! The evolution of thought process ceases!

But DHARMIC Religions/Traditions have a completely different approach out of the scores of religious beliefs systems. In here they don’t impose a belief on the intellect but rather encourage debate for furtherance of knowledge or helps the evolution of intellect to newer horizons!
UNLIKE OTHER RELIGIONS, THEY DON’T IMPOSE A BELIEF AND FORCE A “FAITH” ON SOMETHING ABSOLUTE! THERE US NO SPACE FIR ABSOLUTISM IN THESE CULTURES OR TRADITIONS. THEY RATHER ENCOURAGE AND GUIDE TO “EXPERIENCE” GOD! No other tradition or religion dare say this!!! In fact, they have every possible road to get to the “ULTIMATE TRUTH”!!! It is up to the individual to experience the ULTIMATE TRUTH in his own PERCEPTIONAL/EXPERIENTIAL CAPACITY!!! How Beautiful tradition with no EXCLUSIVITY at all. Yet they say that everybody reaches the same SINGULARITY or ULTIMATE GOD, “BRAHMAN”! And this is what the most advanced rational/scientific/Theoritical Quantum Physics too, thus far has postulated!!!
Here again you will find that SANATANA DHARMA steals the show when it says that Matter/Antimatter, Space, Time, Energy in all it’s state is but the MANIFESTATION of GOD/BRAHMAN/SINGULARITY and it’s CYCLICAL and ETERNAL. Science only deals with the known universe and theorises the unseen/imperceivable strata of the universe, but DHARMIC SEERS state that it can be “EXPERIENCED”.
And once that is EXPERIENCED every other thing in the universe becomes immaterial because one’s “CONSCIOUSNESS” becomes ‘ONE’ with the ‘ SINGULARITY or SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS or GOD ‘!!!

Can any other Concept beat this???


Bharatbarsha - A Living Legend

Picture 1Detailed Calculation of Angular Displacement of Sun and Moon with respect to Earth:The relative displacement of Sun with respect to Earth in a solar day is approximately 1o. The relative displacement of Moon with respect to Earth in a solar day is approximately 13o.

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TABLE 1 – Modern names of all 27 “Nakshatra”-s of Ancient Bharat Astronomy

Name of NakshatraModern Name of Star/ConstellationName of NakshatraModern Name of Star/ConstellationName of NakshatraModern Name of Star/Constellation
  • Sheratan (β Arietis)
  • Mesarthim (γ Arietis)
  • 35 Arietis
  • Lilii Borea(39 Arietis)
  • 41 Arietis
  • Pleiades (Messier 45)
  • Aldebaran (α Tauri)
  • Meissa (λ Orionis)
  • φ Orionis
  • Betelgeuse (α Orionis)
  • Castor (α…

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